Recipe And Tips 8 Angelfish Tank Mates to Accompany Your Angelfish

Angelfish Tank Mates ~ Angelfish are just one of the most preferred species of freshwater aquarium fish. If you plan to keep these fish, take the time to learn about exactly what types can be maintained with them.

Angelfish have actually long been a favored among freshwater aquarium enthusiasts. These lovely and stylish fish have a method of catching your attention and also making your aquarium the facility of the space.

If you hope to raise your angelfish effectively you not just have to make certain that you perform some research study so you could satisfy their standard demands, yet you also should see to it to give them with a healthy container environment.

Giving your fish with a healthy and balanced storage tank atmosphere calls for greater than simply furnishing the container with a filter as well as decorating the container effectively– you likewise need to think about what various other fish you intend to keep in the container.

Angelfish can be aggressive in some circumstances as well as victimized in others so it is very important that you choose meticulously when buying tank friends for your angelfish.

About Angelfish

These fish are renowned among freshwater types, known for their flat bodies and long, triangular fins. Angelfish are belonging to South America, found throughout the Amazon River and also in the Orinoco and Essequibo river containers.

These fish been available in a selection of shades and also patterns, however numerous display longitudinal red stripes that function as camouflage in their native environment. Under the best problems, angelfish are not particularly tough to keep in bondage.

They require a cozy, freshwater setting with a water temperature around 80 ° F as well as a slightly acidic pH. Angelfish have the tendency to reproduce relatively conveniently in the residence fish tank, yet you need to make sure to offer them with lots of flat rocks and broad-leafed plants on which they can lay their eggs.

Bear in mind that, like the majority of fish, angelfish may eat their very own eggs so if you want to elevate the fry to maturation you will certainly have to back them independently.

Advised Species

Angelfish belong to the cichlid family members of freshwater fishes which is the home of more than 2,000 found types. Though many species in the cichlid family are recognized for their hostility, angelfish are normally not very hostile.

Angelfish are a reasonably relaxed varieties so they are best maintained with varieties that have a similar personality. The only times an angelfish is likely to become hostile is during feeding and also breeding– this holds true of lots of species, nevertheless. The very best storage tank companions for angelfish are calm, non-aggressive varieties which will reside in consistency with your angelfishes.

Many fish tank enthusiasts that raise angelfish prefer to cultivate angelfish-only tanks. As a matter of fact, angelfish tend to do ideal when kept in groups of 5 or more of their very own species. This is absolutely one alternative that will guarantee that your angelfish do not have problem with hostile tank companions.

Even if you do plan to maintain largely angelfish, including a few corydoras catfish or other tranquil bottom feeders would not be a negative concept. If you do intend to keep other fish in the container with your angelfish, nevertheless, you are unlikely to run into issues with livebearers or tranquil tetras. Even small cichlids like rams, Krib’s cichlids as well as keyholes can cohabitate in harmony with angelfish.

Variety to Avoid

There are two points to keep an eye out for when choose tank friends for your angelfish. The first thing you have to be aware of is types that are recognized for being aggressive or semi-aggressive. If kept in a container with aggressive tank friends, your angelfish are most likely to become worried and they may cannot prosper.

For this reason, it is usually not recommended that you maintain angelfish with Oscars or various other cichlids aside from the very small species that have actually already been pointed out. Other large varieties may not be a great suitable for an angelfish container either since they, also can end up being aggressive.

One more thing to be wary of when choose storage tank friends for your storage tank is nipping habits. Angelfish have long, delicate fins which can conveniently be damaged or torn if other fish nip at them. Numerous types of tetra, namely serpae tetras, are known for their fin-nipping behavior.

One more species recognized for this sort of actions is the tiger barb. While fin-nipping actions could sometimes be regulated by keeping a huge adequate college of the annoying fishes, they still should not be housed in a container with angelfish. You might also want to avoid maintaining quick, nervous fishes like danios in the storage tank with your angelfish due to the fact that they might induce tension in this relaxed types.

Tips for Reducing Aggression

Angelfish are generally not hostile except in certain feeding circumstances and throughout reproducing durations. During breeding durations, it could be required to take some precautions to make sure consistency in your tank.

If you are reproducing your angelfish purposefully, it would certainly be important to set up a separate reproduction storage tank as well as separate the breeding pair so they do not feel endangered by various other fish in the container.

Lots of species of fish, also those that are typically relaxed, could become very territorial throughout breeding durations. Getting rid of possible risks– various other fish– from the storage tank can aid to reduce that behavior.

Another way to minimize aggressiveness in your tank as a whole is to make certain that your container is not overcrowded and that your fish have been given with appropriate hiding places. Some types of fish do not like to spend a good deal of time out in the open as well as others just want to have a refuge to retreat to every now and then.

If several of your fish ends up being hostile, it is especially crucial that the other fish in your storage tank have some location to conceal. Giving your fish with adequate area is also very important– when your tank comes to be too crowded the water high quality will decline and your fish are most likely to become stressed.

Because scenario, they could begin to act extra aggressive than they may in normal scenarios. That being said, it is important not only to stay clear of overstocking your container yet likewise to keep up a routine upkeep routine to keep it tidy.

The Conclusion

Angelfish are a stunning varieties that can be a happiness to keep in the house aquarium. These fish can be a little challenging to maintain, however, depending just what various other fish you have in your storage tank.

To ensure that your angelfish prosper you need to not only supply them with the right tank yet also the right storage tank mates. If you do this, you will certainly be rewarded by healthy and satisfied angelfish. What extra could an aquarium hobbyist request for?

Angelfish container companions are definitely an opportunity, without a doubt. Although Angelfish come from the cichlid family members with a lot of cichlids being known for their aggressiveness, Angelfish are actually not aggressive fish.

Angelfish are really relaxed fish, so it is best to choose other fish that have the exact same personality. The only time an Angelfish would ever become aggressive would be during reproduction (like many fishes). So be cautious if you are reproducing your Angelfish.

Tank Friend for Your Angelfish

Below are a few Angelfish aquarium friends that can possibly be housed together with your Angelfish. Certainly, always use care when blending fish. If you see any hostility being done, merely divide the fish.

African Dwarf Frogs

African Dwarf frogs are terrific container companions for Angelfish due to the fact that they do not look like a fish or any type of threat. African dwarf frogs likewise stay relatively tiny which excels since there won’t be any chances of the frog aiming to consume the Angelfish, like various other large frogs might try to do.

Being reasonably little, these kinds of frogs generate hardly any waste, so you do not have to stress over nitrates/nitrites/ammonia.

Apple Snail

One of the most usual snail being sold in pet shops today is the apple snail. Apple snails can be put into an Angelfish’s tank without trouble because of its big thick skin. The Angelfish cannot perhaps damage the snail. If housing an apple snail remains in mind, feel in one’s bones that they can rise to the dimension of a softball.

Ghost Shrimp and Red Cherry Shrimp

Ghost Shrimp remain really tiny as well as are normally sold as food for other fish, yet can be a fantastic addition to your Angelfish’s container. They won’t harm your Angelfish by any means.

Red cherry shrimp are one more incredible type of shrimp tank friend for Angelfish since they could help do two points. Work as food when the Angelfish is hungry (often) and also serve as algae eaters. They assist clean the algae that could be developing in your Angelfish’s container daily by consuming it.

But take care on the amount of red cherry shrimp you buy. They breed fairly well so see to it they do not jam-pack the tank.

Corydoras Catfish (Cory Catfish)

Cory catfish are extremely calm as well as relaxed fish. It’s almost unheard of that they would certainly be aggressive. They are extremely friendly fish, especially with themselves. Make certain to get a good sized team of cories, they require a minimum of five for a correct school to feel protected and happy.

Adding fake or genuine plant will also assist make them really feel protected and also safe. Additionally, ensure to have sand substrate so they do not injure themselves or shed their barbs.


Loaches are terrific tank mates because they are mainly bottom feeders that will stay away from the majority of the fish in your container (including your Angelfish). They are very tranquil and relaxed fish that will cause no injury to your Angelfish.

Be careful when choosing a loach however, as some can reach the size of 16 inches. I personally recommend khuli loaches, dwarf loaches,, and also zebra loaches. These loaches remain smaller compared to 5 inches.


There are several tetra types out there that succeed with Angelfish, while others that will certainly be consumed by Angelfish. You have to see to it that you obtain tetras that are not tiny adequate to suit a full produced Angelfish’s mouth.

Suggested tetras by numerous fish-keepers are Head-and-Taillight tetras, lemon tetras, glowlight tetras, pristella tetras, emperor tetras, and sometimes neon tetras. The tetras to stay away from are the cardinal tetras (will certainly be consumed), serpae tetras (fin-nippers), as well as black skirt tetras (will be assaulted).


Plecos make great tank companions for Angelfish as a result of their size as well as peace. Most plecos spend their days eating algae on rocks and also glass, not bothering anyone. I directly have 2 plecos with my 1 Angelfish without problem. Just desire, I have a 55 gallon container which allows the space for 2 plecos.

If you are wanting to get a pleco, obtain one based on the dimension of your aquarium. Some plecos get big, while various other keep tiny (5 inches) like the clown plecos, bristlenose plecos, and rubber lipped plecos.

Feeder Fish

Feeder fish can make great storage tank friends for Angelfish as they are extremely tranquil fish. Although they are not the prettiest fish and also are mainly sold for food, they will still make a good addition to the aquarium.

A Guide in Choosing Angelfish Tank Mates

No nibblers– do not obtain any kind of fish that will certainly munch at your Angelfish. This will create stress and sometimes battles.
No tiny fish– It is understood that some Angelfish will certainly consume smaller fish (less than 2 inches).

Storage tank dimension– If you are obtaining storage tank mates for your Angelfish, ensure you have the area for all the fish to have their area.

Base Feeders– Many bottom fish are fish that can live well with Angelfish. (Plecos, catfish, loaches).
Diet & Water Requirements– Make sure to choose only fish that call for the very same diet regimen as well as water.

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