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How Do Fish Mate and When?

The majority of fish reproduce by spawning, a process in which the female and male fish release eggs and sperm simultaneously in a protected environment with or without a

5 Most Beautiful Betta Fish in the World & Amazing Fact About Betta Fish

Betta Fish originally found in Southeast Asia as well as initially living in flood plains, drain ditches as well as rice paddies, the beautifully tinted Betta fish is frequently

Guppy Food Tips: How to Feed Guppies? and What Do Guppies Eat?

Guppy does not require much treatment, however they require a few things, like a clean residence, adequate space and sufficient food to eat. Provide your guppies a good area

Types of Guppies | All About Guppies Fact

Guppies are varieties of fish that are easy to breed. They also adjust quickly to their atmosphere and this is what makes them ideal for beginner aquarists. They do

Recipe And Tips 8 Angelfish Tank Mates to Accompany Your Angelfish

Angelfish Tank Mates ~ Angelfish are just one of the most preferred species of freshwater aquarium fish. If you plan to keep these fish, take the time to learn
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How Long Does a Snail Sleep? Here’s The Answers and Amazing Facts About Snails

Snails are members of the Mollusc family. Greater than a thousand various types of snail exist and these creatures can be located all across the globe, ashore, in the

13 Best Algae Eaters for Your Aquarium [Keep the Aquarium Clean]

Best Algae Eaters ~ Although algae can look good when kept in small quantities, it’s easy to spread out of control if you don’t maintain it in check. Presenting
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Top 14 Most Beautiful Butterflies in the World [Amazing Colors & Shapes]

Beautiful Butterflies ~ Butterflies are one of a lot of varied as well as attractive insects worldwide. The huge team of butterflies consist of greater than 250000 flavors. From tiniest

All About Teddy Bear Hamster: History, Fact, Tips, Diet, Habits & Life Span

Teddy Bear Hamster ~ Hamsters are small rats that are generally maintained as house pets. They are distinct from other rodents as a result of their short tails, stubby legs