Dinosaur Bichir (Polypterus senegalus) Information: Care, Characteristic, Diet and Keeping Bichirs

Dinosaur Bichir ~ Bichir (Polypterus senegalus) is a freshwater fish, which belongs to the Polypteridae household. These are attractive fish with lengthened body, vast head as well as round tail.

They can mature to a dimension of 2 feet in size. These fishes have actually evaluated body with tough rhombic ranges and also on their body they have fins in a row lengthwise.

The scales on their body are composed of a healthy protein, which is named as “ganoin”. These species are also called “dinosaur eel” as a result of their uncommon appearance. Their pectoral fins help them to stroll throughout the water-bed.

One of one of the most striking functions of this types is that the 12 types of these fishes have primitive lung system. With the help of this lung system, they can take a breath by just raising their head over the water.

Dinosaur Bichir Appearance

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An elongated fish, normally grey or beige in color, it in some cases has tones of white, pink or blue on some ranges; the majority of the fish is covered in really refined patterns with occasional darker blotches or dots.

The face is smooth and also rounded at the nose with larger scales compared to the rest of the fish, outside nostrils extend from the front; eyes get on each side of the head, they are typically light yellow with a black pupil; the mouth is huge and also seems to smile when closed.

The body is long and slightly cylindrical; a serrated dorsal fin runs along most of the body up until it fulfills the back fin which is pointed as well as flat. The pectoral fins attach just behind and below the gill openings, and also are the primary ways of mobility, supplying a slow, graceful appearance. P. senegalus is smaller than other bichirs, reaching concerning 35.5 centimeters (14 in).

The fish has a set of primitive lungs as opposed to a swim bladder, permitting it to regularly gulp air from the surface of the water. In the aquarium, bichirs can be observed rushing to the surface area for this objective.

This bichir’s skin functions as a specifically efficient shield, and has actually been researched as a design for individual armor for far better combinations of defense and also movement.

Dinosaur Bichir Habitat and Characteristic

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Habitat: These species are discovered in the freshwater fish of Africa. They spend most of their time near the river beds or lakes. These fishes have a characteristic of hiding among the plants or under the rocks.

Moreover, this system also permits them to inhale water, which is of even poor quality. They can access oxygen also from this low quality of water with the help of their one-of-a-kind respiratory system.

Characteristic: The misnomer of dinosaur eel (hereafter described as Bichir) comes from the prehistoric look of this extended fish. Its snake-shaped body is covered by thick, bone-like scales constructed from an enamel-like material called ganoine, which resembles the currently extinct earliest ray-finned fishes.

It has a distinctive collection of as much as 18 dorsal finlets, each one with a sharp back, which are erected when it is perturbed.

The fleshly pectoral fins, which manage the slow activity of the fish, are connected behind and also listed below the gill openings. It is likewise able to travel over land utilizing its solid pelvic fins. Bichirs could also take a breath air through a lung-like adjustment to their swim bladder.

Other attributes consist of a set of blowholes, a long reduced jaw as well as outside nostrils which stick out from the nose to make it possible for the Bichir to quest by scent considering that its vision is poor. Women tend to be larger than males, while men have thicker dorsal spinal columns and wider anal fins.

Dinosaur Bichir Diet

Polypterus senegalus are meat-eating as well as feed mainly on little fish and worms. The remarkable animals head out of their natural environment at the borders of lakes and rivers in order to feed. They have the tubular nostrils, which assist then to catch their prey, with the smell of the target.

These are tranquil animals and also do disappoint hostility to the members even when kept in a fish tank. However, it needs to be made sure that these fishes could be attacked by algae consuming fish or plecs. This takes place because of the growth of bacteria on the body of these fish and also the plecs may obtain drawn in to it.

Dinosaur Bichir Feeding & Breeding

Feeding: Being carnivorous, Bichirs enjoy to be fed baitfish, mussels, shrimps and also bloodworms. They will certainly additionally conveniently accept frozen foods.

Some aquarists have actually tried to encourage them to take completely dry foods by only supplying them till their cravings conquers them, and have actually discovered they can adjust OK. However, I would discuss that this is not their all-natural diet regimen.

Breeding: The generating period in these types is between August and also September. At this part of time the African lakes as well as rivers overflow as well as kind swamps as well as marshes. These species pursue each other in these swamps and also marshes.

When the couples gathering they leap out of the water. Then the man takes place the top of the woman as well as afterwards press her either with its head or sweeps her with help of its rectal fin. These types seem to be inflamed and also folded in the reproducing season.

Dinosaur Bichir Fish Tank Size & Decor

As a result of the length Bichirs expand as well as their have to breathe air, it is essential they are housed in long storage tank fish tanks that are not unfathomable, perhaps also an aquarium table. Aim for a fish tank that goes to the very least three times the adult size of the Bichir you have or plan to buy.

Pick aquarium aquariums that disappear compared to eighteen inches deep and also do not fill totally with water. This is very important as Bichirs have to be able to breathe from the air and also for that reason need to be able to swim swiftly to the surface area and also back to the bottom where they stay.

Being able to make use of oxygen from the air makes it possible for Bichirs to endure out of water for a number of hrs. Provided this and also the fact that they have the instinct to vacate one area in search of food in one more, it is suggested to have a tight-fitting lid on your fish tank!

A slim layer of soft sand or crushed rock is fine as substrate. Bichirs also like concealing locations, specifically as they prefer to stay out of the light during the day. So it is far more satisfying for them to have durable plants, rocks and also tunnels which enable them to display even more natural behaviors.

Plants connected to timber job best as Bichirs tend to displace plants rooted in the substrate as a result of their dimension when looking for food.

Dinosaur Bichir Water Conditions & Aquarium Lighting

As they are tropical freshwater fish, Bichirs require a temperature level of 75-85 F. They like a pH of 7 or a little below as well as prefer water that is a little difficult.

Certainly, it is important to carry out constant water changes to make certain the quality of water is good in your exotic freshwater aquariums.

Bichirs are nocturnal so they will be typically sluggish throughout the day and energetic during the night.

Instead of changing the fish tank lights off full, offer the form of an all-natural nightfall by setting up a blue moonlight bulb so you as well can experience some activity from your Bichir!

Dinosaur Bichir Care

Ideally, these fish needs to be preserved at the higher end of the tropical temperature level array, around 25-28oC (77-82oF). Relatively soft to somewhat difficult water, with a pH around neutral or somewhat acidic is most likely perfect, yet water chemistry is not important, as long as the water quality is kept with regular water changes.

The occurrence of 2 types of Polypterus in Lake Tanganyika (P. ornatipinnis and P. endlicheri congicus) suggests fairly various water chemistries can be adjusted to.

These fish are thought about durable and really forgiving both of poorer water top quality as well as reduced temperatures, but it is not smart to examine these restrictions in the aquarium!

Illumination is not overly essential unless you choose real-time plants. Being generally nocturnal, the fish are likely to like dim lighting, although juveniles in particular do not seem bothered by brighter light at feeding time.

It may be worth fitting the storage tank with among the blue ‘moonlight’ fluorescent light bulbs for a hr or two of evening watching.

Making use of a timer, this can be set to come on right before the main light goes off, to provide an extra natural transition to twilight. Enhanced task is likely to be observed when the container is dimly lit, such as from history light in the area.

Polypterus seem extremely sturdy fish that hardly ever experience illness. Their difficult ganoid ranges manage them a degree of security from the sort of injuries that lead to bacterial or fungal infections, and also might likewise make them much more immune to certain parasites.

Nonetheless, newly imported samplings may be suffering from an infection of a freshwater leech, Macrogyrodactylus polypteri that attaches itself to the body of the fish.

The fish could attempt to look for alleviation by attempting to scrape itself, behaviour usually referred to as “blinking” or “flicking”. Formalin baths work in eliminating this parasite. Observe fish carefully prior to acquisition.

Sexual differences in Polypterus are not immediately noticeable, yet fully grown men can be identified by their broader and thicker rectal fin. It has actually likewise been recommended that they have thicker dorsal backs. Ladies have the tendency to be bigger.

There are no clear differences in small juveniles. A number of Polypterus species have been bred in captivity, consisting of P. ornatipinnis, senegalus and also endlicheri. Nonetheless, spawning in the house aquarium is still unusual.

Success is more probable in soft, somewhat acidic water. Changes in the temperature level and chemistry of the water are likely to be part of the trick to generating spawning.

The male cups his rectal and also back fins around the female’s genital location to obtain eggs for fertilisation, after which the glue eggs are spread. Fine-leaved plants (or generating sponges) need to be attended to this.

It is generally concurred that the parents and eggs must be separated as soon as possible after generating, to avoid the eggs (or fry) being consumed. The eggs have to do with 2-3mm in size, and also must hatch in concerning 3-4 days. Feeding ought to start after about a week, when the yolk sac has actually been taken in.

Baby brine shrimp (Artemia nauplii) or microworms may verify to be one of the most effective foods for the new fry, and ought to be placed as close to the fry as possible, as they are not most likely to actively seek food originally.

Dinosaur Bichir Storage Tank Mate

Given the plus size of Bichirs as well as their predatory nature, it is very important to match them with suitable storage tank companions.

Do not keep them with fish smaller sized compared to 3 inches which could supply an all set meal! It is far better to match Bichirs with larger fish as they will certainly not trouble as much with fish they can not swallow.

Siamese Tigerfish, Angelfish, large Barbs, Cichlids and Knifefish are possible container companions. It has been observed that suckermouth Catfish tend to draw on the skin of Bichirs which aggravates them therefore it is not encouraged to maintain both sorts of bottom-dwelling fish.

Likewise stay clear of matching them with overly hostile types. In a very large fish tank it will certainly be feasible to keep a number of Bichirs with each other, supplied they are around the same size. They ought to generally tolerate each other, besides fighting over the food!

To Keep or Not to Keep?

Bichirs are intriguing sampling fish but do understand all the problems involved in keeping them, especially the size of the tank as well as the other tropical freshwater fish you have or prepare to have.

Bichirs additionally cost even more to maintain compared to other fish, though they are an extremely hardy type. Maintaining Bichirs in an appropriate environment requires cautious preparation!

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