4 Kitchen Countertop Ideas To Make Yours Striking

The kitchen is popularly known as the center of the home. As the big part of your living space, you are strongly urged to refresh its look by replacing the countertop. This article will let you know some kitchen countertop ideas.

Kitchen Countertop Ideas


A new countertop certainly can give a huge impact to your kitchen. Furthermore, it is such a real statement-making thing.

1. Consider The Color of Kitchen Cabinet

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In order to create the ultimate and coordinating look, your countertop color shall fit perfectly with your cabinet. Then, it is also better to install a countertop which comes in the same texture.

2. Never Ignore Plumbing System

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In most cases, a plumbing problem arises after installing countertop in the wrong material. When it gets damaged, you will waste a lot of money in the long run. Be sure that your water plumbing system remains intact.

3. Take Exact Measurements

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Drawing a sketch is absolutely crucial. It tells you the countertop placement. When you are sketching, you need to mark off several sections such as island countertops, sink countertops, and continuous countertops.

4. Choose Countertop Material



The options are seriously endless. Before jumping into countertop installation, ask yourself whether you are satisfied with the existing material or not. If you are completely unsatisfied, you can search for greater countertop material.

  • Wood

Maple, madrone, cherry, and mahogany are timelessly magnificent. They perform really well for chopping and slicing too. Wood countertop adds warm and inviting touches to your kitchen in no time.

  • Concrete

Do you adore an industrial kitchen look? You have to give this countertop material a try. Concrete is not just versatile but also blends beautifully with any modern kitchen.

  • Quartz

If your budget is not limited, quartz may be a good option. Its durability is too awesome to be true. Plus, it incredibly resists the erosion and stains. There are also many visually stunning colors to choose from.

  • Granite

Granite is admittedly described as a gorgeous countertop. It will transform your dull countertop to shining one. On top of that, it does not scratch easily. It is heat resistant too, so you can put your hot skillet and pot on it.

  • Stainless Steel

Are you looking for small kitchen ideas? Stainless steel countertop helps give your kitchen a more spacious look. It is almost maintenance-free and highly durable. In addition to that, it is a germ and heat-resistant material.

  • Soapstone

Bring the rustic feel to your kitchen by installing soapstone countertop. This natural stone does not get porous. Once you replace your old countertop with it, you must be surprised because of its smooth and soft surface.

  • Marble

In fact, the marble countertop is rated as the most glamorous countertop. It will make your kitchen brighter, cleaner, and more lovely. Lots of people get marveled with this elegant material. Before installing, we suggest you seal it first.

  • Glass

Catch the people’s eyes by selecting it in your kitchen. It is unique stain-resistant and tough at the same time. Blue, red and black become the most awe-inspiring colors of glass countertop.

Our kitchen countertop ideas are specially listed to alter the wonderful look of your cooking space. So, let’s replace it soon!

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