Top 14 Most Beautiful Butterflies in the World [Amazing Colors & Shapes]

Beautiful Butterflies ~ Butterflies are one of a lot of varied as well as attractive insects worldwide. The huge team of butterflies consist of greater than 250000 flavors. From tiniest Western pygmy blue to biggest Queen Alexandria’s bird wing butterflies shows up in wide arrays of shades and also patterns.

The interesting butterflies also show healthy ecological community around us. Below 14 most unusual and beautiful butterflies worldwide.

1. Beautiful Butterflies: Blue Morpho Butterfly

beautiful butterfly blue morpho


Blue morpho butterfly is among the largest butterflies on the planet with wingspan 5-6 inches. They are primarily found in exotic forests of South as well as Central The U.S.A.. Blue morpho butterflies are easily recognized by their vibrant blue tinted wings with black edges. The wings of male morpho butterflies appears more brighter as well as beautiful than that of females.

The underpart of blue morpho’s wings are in brown color with variety of eyespots. The back components of wings likewise helps blue morpho making camouflage such that they could hide from prospective predators like reptiles, frogs and also birds.

Blue morpho butterflies spent a lot of time in lower hedges of tropical forests. Yet they come to be noticeable to all sections of the woodland during breeding season. The stunning butterflies additionally release solid smell from their glands when they being endanger by various other pets. They mainly preys on fallen leaves of selections of plants, fungi and decaying fruits.

2. Beautiful Butterflies: Peacock Pansy

beautiful butterflies Peacock Pansy


The peacock wimp butterflies are identified by their striking eyespots. The fascinating butterflies are belonging to South Asian countries. The upperside of peacock fansy’s wings are yellowish brown in color with brownish sides.

There are likewise distinct costal bars as well as eye-catching ‘peacock eyespots’ on the wings.

The eyespots on the lower component of the wings end up being much more popular and attractive. The patterns on underside peacock wimp’s wing’s adjustments with season. Unlike dry period a lot more brightfull patterns and eyespots base on the wings in damp season. As compare to upperside the costal bars on the edges of underside of their wings are appears to be dull and much less attractive.

It takes 3– 5 days to hatch out the eggs of peacock pansy. The leaves of host plant end up being primary food of caterpillars. It also takes another 5-6 days for advancement as a butterfly from pupa.

The grown-up peacock pansy has a wingspan in between 54-62 mm. They mainly favors to reside in yards and open areas.

3. Beautiful Butterflies: Zebra Longwing Butterfly

beautiful butterflies Zebra Longwing


Zebra longwing butterfly is the official butterfly of Florida of United States, proclaimed in 1996. As it’s name implies the butterfly has low slim wings with zebra like stripes. Their wings remain in black shade with yellow stripes.

The leading and also lower part of zebra longwing’s wings have very same pattern. But the color of underpart of wing is much lighter than that of upper part.

The remarkable butterflies are distributed throughout South and Central The U.S.A.. The wingspan of zebra longwing ranges between 72 and 100 mm.

Zebra longwings are the only butterflies that want to feed on plant pollen. Scientists believed that nutrients from pollen aid the zebra longwings to live longer (about 6 months) than that of various other butterfly species.They also like to have fallen leaves and also nectar.

Zebra longwings make squeaking noise when they endangered. They remain with each other in team during the night on tree branches.

4. Beautiful Butterflies: Eighty Eight Butterfly

beautiful butterflies Eighty Eight


The lovely eighty 8 butterfly or diaethria clymena belonging to South as well as Central America. They are called after the black as well as white red stripes on their underwing that synopsis the number ‘eighty eight’.

The very same numbering found in 12 different varieties of diaethria butterfly. However the coloring as well as pattern slightly differs throughout the types.

The upperside of eighty eight butterfly’s wings are black and also band of blue and eco-friendly also appears on their forewings. The underside of their wings have eye-catching black markings on white and also red. The thickness as well as illumination of the black markings are additionally varies among various varieties of eighty 8 butterfly.

The eighty 8 butterflies are located in tiny and also large team according to scenarios. The energetic butterflies are additionally discovered in human habitations. They likewise like to hinge on rock faces as well as mineral rich soil. They laid the rally leaves of trema plants.

The larvaes also eat the leaves of the host plant. The grown-up eighty eight butterfly has a wingspan of 35-40 mm. Eighty eight butterflies generally eat rotten fruits.

5. Beautiful Butterflies: Forest Giant Owl Butterfly

beautiful butterflies Forest Giant Owl


The fascinating huge owl butterflies are recognized for their huge own’s eyes like looking eyespots on underpart of the wings. They belong to owl butterfly family members and also native to South as well as Central The U.S.A.. The huge butterflies have wingspan in between 13 and 16 centimeters.

The massive eye pattern on their wings actually appear like eyes of numerous killers. It aid the gigantic own eye butterflies to escape from potential killers like lizards or frogs and also to endanger various other little pets. The top wings of owl butterflies is yellow-colored brownish in shade with purple borders.

The big owl butterflies are likewise fly a few meters basically time. They usually fly throughout woodland or farming areas at evening. Owl butterflies mainly feed on fruits. They have a life-span between 125 and also 150 days.

6. Beautiful Butterflies: Sylphina Angel

beatiful Sylphina Angel


The lovely transparent winged sylphina butterflies are dispersed across Peru, Ecuador as well as Bolivia. The transparent internal part of sylphina angel’s wing’s are lined by black external wings. Their appealing tail reflect blend of environment-friendly, blue and pink tones.

They spend a lot of time beneath the leaves of plants and just make trip during complete sunlight. They used to live throughout clouds woodland of high elevation.

The sylphina angel butterflies want to fly and look for food alone. But on clear days they additionally discovered in team of tens to hundreds of butterflies under the fallen leaves of plants. They likewise migrate to distance approximately 320 km during springtime period to discover nectar abundant blossoms.

7. Beautiful Butterflies: Apollo Butterfly

beautiful Apollo Butterfly


The apollo butterfly is easily acknowledged by it’s appealing white body with eyesposts on the wings. The forewings of apollo butterflies have number of black eyespots as well as hindwings are decorated also decorated with striking four red eyespots.

They are discovered in some details areas in Italy, Spain as well as France. The size and also illumination of red eyespots on the wings of apollo butterflies likewise differs by the place they belong to. Apollo butterflies are also among the most intimidated species of butterflies in Europe.

Besides elegance the beauty butterflies are recognized for their defensive technique. The larvae form of apollo butterflies have deep dark shade and also they display camouflage using the shade. The grown-up butterflies can’t use the method of camouflage because of their striking red eyespots. However they generate nasty smell to endanger the predators.

8. Most Beautiful Butterflies: Emerald Swallowtail

beautiful Emerald Swallowtail


The emerald swallowtail belongs to large family of swallowtail butterflies. There are 550 different varieties of swallowtail butterflies on the planet. The emerald butterfly is additionally one of many vibrant and also largest butterflies worldwide. The mainly located in Southeast Asia.

The interesting emerald swallowtail has wings of beaming green bands. The structural pigmentation on their wings also make blue and also yellow reflections. The underpart of emerald swallowtails wings are black and orange. A number of blue places could likewise found beside bottom of the wings.

9. Most Beautiful Butterflies: Glasswinged Butterfly

beautiful Glasswinged Butterfly


As the name indicate the butterfly has clear wings. It is also called as greta oto and also discovered across Mexico and Colombia. Their transparent wings make it too hard for predators like birds as well as reptiles to capture them.

As a matter of fact the reddish brownish verge on it’s wings itself make them noticeable yet not so simple. Great oto butterflies likewise exhibit far away migration to Florida. They mostly eat typical flower called lantana.

10. Most Beautiful Butterflies: Dead Leaf Butterfly

most beautiful Dead Leaf Butterfly


The dead fallen leave butterfly is an exceptional example of amazing animal camouflage. The underpart of it’s wings are in dark as well as brownish. The irregular patterns and veins on the wings make resemblance with dead leaf.

Unlike underpart the upperpart of dead fallen leave butterfly’s wings appears in variety of great shades including blue, brownish, white and also orange. They additionally called as Indian fallen leave butterfly, native to exotic forest throughout Asia.

The similarity of their wings with dead or dropped leaf assist them to easily hide from possible predators. They never ever fly excessive or much faster. They usually rest in a place for longtime from where they discover food. The leaf butterflies just move from the setting when they threatened.

The camouflage tactic itself help the dead leaf butterflies to resolve in a place for long time. The nectar of blossoms as well as dropped fruits are main items within the diet plan of dead leaf butterflies.

11. Most Beautiful Butterflies: Queen of Spain Fritillary

most beautiful Queen of Spain Fritillary


The Queen of Spain Fritillary is a relatively typical butterfly in Europe as well as warm Asia, but it only takes place in Britain as an exceptionally rare migrant, actually there have been much less than 400 records of this varieties given that it was first recorded 300 years ago by William Vernon at Gamlingay, Cambridgeshire.

The largest migration was in 1872 when 50 were videotaped in Britain, and also in 1945, no much less compared to 25 adults were taped from Portreath in Cornwall, suggesting that the butterfly had effectively bred there.

The really distinct large silver places on the bottom hindwings mean that this butterfly is unlikely to be perplexed with any other types, although very early summertime samplings can possibly be mistaken in trip for a Pearl-bordered or Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary.

In late summertime or very early fall they might be perplexed in trip with a Wall Brown but the distinctions are obvious when the butterfly settles.

Both sexes are extremely similar in appearance, although the woman is slightly bigger, with a shorter abdominal area and also a much more green tone around the base of the upperside wings. The sexes can a lot more easily be identified by their behaviour – women are less active, while males proactively go after all passing butterflies.

12. Most Beautiful Butterflies: Adonis Blue

most beautiful butterflies Adonis Blue


The Adonis Blue is located throughout the majority of the warmer parts of Europe yet is missing from Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Mediterranean islands, and also all other than the southerly areas of Britain. Beyond Europe it additionally occurs in Turkey, as well as eastward to the Black Sea.

The Adonis Blue, like the majority of various other ‘blues’ is sexually dimorphic – just the men have the stunning general electrical blue colouration. In a photograph it is difficult to convey the radiance of the blue, which glints in the sunshine and also changes hue according to the angle of sight.

Ladies by comparison are dark chocolate brown with a dusting of deep blue ranges across the base of the wings. The level of heaven dusting varies somewhat between people. Unlike males, the ladies additionally have a dark discal place on the forewings, as well as a row of orange sub-marginal lunules on the hindwings.

The female of coridon is very comparable, yet somewhat larger and with a plain natural brownish ground colour. It also has actually bathed creamy colored edging to the black sub-marginal areas on the upperside, as compared to blue edging in bellargus.

13. Most Beautiful Butterflies: Tithonus Birdwing

most beautiful Tithonus Birdwing


The category Ornithoptera (pertained to by some writers as a subgenus of Troides) includes some of the biggest and also most wonderful butterflies in the world. There are 13 varieties, consisting of the Queen Alexandra Birdwing alexandrae, the woman of which is the largest butterfly in the world, with a wing period of up to 20cms (8″ ).

The commonest and most widespread species is priamus which is discovered in the Moluccas, New Guinea, the Solomon islands and also north Australia.

14. Most Beautiful Butterflies: Lesser Purple Emperor

beautiful Lesser Purple Emperor butterfly


The category Apatura comprises of 4 varieties, 2 of which – iris and also ilia, have a prevalent circulation covering the majority of Europe and also warm Asia. The other 2 species are metis which is found in south-east Europe, Kazakhstan as well as s.w. Siberia; and laverna from n.e. China.

Apatura are closely related to the South American genus Doxocopa, and also in common with them are sexually dimorphic – the males possessing a stunning purple sheen that is lacking in the women.
Apatura ilia has an almost unbroken range extending from north Portugal to Siberia, Ussuri and Japan.

There are a number of supposed subspecies, each of which produces a series of colour forms, yet the level of overlap of the numerous kinds suggests that these may be more attributable to climate or habitat-controlled variant rather than to hereditary distinctions.

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