All About Teddy Bear Hamster: History, Fact, Tips, Diet, Habits & Life Span

Teddy Bear Hamster ~ Hamsters are small rats that are generally maintained as house pets. They are distinct from other rodents as a result of their short tails, stubby legs and little ears. Hamsters have various shades, including black, grey, brown, white, yellow, red or a combination of numerous shades.
With 24 types of hamsters, these animals been available in a wide variety of dimensions.

The European breed can expand as large as 13.4 inches (34 centimeters) long and also are several of the largest selections of hamsters. The dwarf hamster measures up to its name. These tiny hamsters expand to around 2 to 4 inches (5.5 to 10.5 cm) long. The most typical pet hamster, the Syrian hamster, additionally referred to as the teddy bear hamster or golden hamster, typically grows to around 6 inches (15.24 centimeters) long.

Fact About Teddy Bear Hamster

fact about teddy bear hamster


With their charming faces and their shaggy hair, teddy bear hamsters are the rock celebrities of the rodent globe. Their images embellish welcoming cards, posters, coffee mugs and Tee shirts– yet their presence in pet dog shops has lessened. Though they’re delightful pets, they’re incredibly vulnerable to damp tail, a potentially deadly illness.

A Syrian by Other Name

Teddy bear hamsters aren’t a type unto themselves; they’re long-hair versions of Syrian or gold hamsters. A recessive gene causes some Syrian hamsters to have lengthy hair. Just like the short-hair Syrians, long-hair or teddy bear hamsters been available in a range of fur colors including tan, lotion, white, dark brown and black, and mixes of two or even more of those shades.

Stirring Up the Genetics Swimming pool

Due to the fact that genes are included, long hair in Syrian hamsters isn’t really necessarily a lotto video game that bestows streaming locks on some and short hair on others. If 2 long-haired hamsters mate, all the children will be long-haired. Inning accordance with the hamster breeder website Hammy’s World, breeding a long-haired hamster with a short-haired one will create a combined litter with both varieties.

Male Vs Females

If your teddy bear hamster’s hair appears specifically out of control, enough time to protrude hugely every which way, it’s most likely you have a young boy. Inning accordance with the Encyclopedia of Life, male teddy bear hamsters typically have noticeably longer fur compared to females do. The distinction in fur length for men and also women is especially visible in the flare of fur along their sides as well as hindquarters, sometimes called a skirt.

Look out for Damp Tail

Damp tail is an intestinal tract illness that any kind of type of hamster can obtain, however teddy bear hamsters are much more susceptible to it. It’s called damp tail because of one of its most apparent signs: a damp, dirtied location around the hamster’s tail, brought on by the watery diarrhea that is an additional signs and symptom of the disease.

According to the Vet Partner internet site, various other indicators of damp tail include loss of appetite, irritation, stopped grooming as well as hunched stance. The death rate is high, so it’s vital to obtain your hamster to the veterinarian for therapy if you see evidence of damp tail.

History Of The Teddy Bear Hamster

history of teddy bear hamster


Did you know according to the National Geographic there are 26 types of the wild hamster? Have a look at these other historical truths regarding the Teddy Bear hamster which is actually a long-haired Syrian hamster.

  1. Syrian hamsters originate from the Middle East, Asia and also Europe.
  2. The very first mention of the Syrian hamster remained in a magazine called, The Nature of Aleppo in 1797.
  3. Alexander Russell, a medical professional, was the first person to find this burrowing animal in the wild.
  4. Roughly 40 years later, a male by the name of George Robert Waterhouse, curator of the London Zoological Society, officially called this rodent the gold hamster.
  5. Because of the variety of colors as well as patterns of the “gold” hamster, it is now described as the Syrian hamster.
  6. The first hamsters to start the journey of domestication was done by a zoologist by the name of Israel Aharoni, in 1930.
  7. Aharoni and also his helper dug up a wheat area, in Syria, where they found a mom hamster as well as her 11 babies. They were found a monstrous 8 feet below the surface area. From here, these hamsters were transported to the Jerusalem Hebrew College.
  8. Some of the enduring children were sent to various colleges and the London Zoo in the mid-1930s.
  9. By the 1940s these hamsters had actually come to be animals in the U.K. as well as the United States and by 1971 an additional trash was found in Aleppo as well as sent out to the USA.

Life Span Of A Teddy Bear Hamster

The ordinary lifespan for a teddy bear hamster is two to three years. It is possible, yet rare, for these animals to live as long as 5 years. Teddy bear hamsters are typically discouraged from their mommies when they are between 3 weeks as well as 4 weeks old. These hamsters reach adulthood when they have to do with 4 months old. The fact is, usually the variable that establishes a hamster’s lifetime is the quality of care he gets.

Teddy Bear Hamster Diet and Nutrition

teddy hamster diet and nutrition


Syrian Consuming Hamster Food A treat can be special and also helpful at the same time. In addition to the fruits and vegetables currently detailed, there are several various other foods that a hamster thinks about a treat; but the dietician thinks about a nutritional dietary supplement such as:

Eggs: Hamsters love hard-boiled eggs as well as they are high in protein. They are specifically good for pregnant moms and also young supply. However, eggs must stay a periodic treat. Treatment should be exercised in getting rid of all the uneaten egg within 24-HOUR after feeding so it doesn’t stay in the cage as well as start to rot.

Fish Liver Oil: Rich in Vitamins An as well as D, a few decreases of fish-liver oil on top of the grain can be given as soon as a week. It is likewise possible to buy pup dish already containing cod-liver oil, which significantly enhances the convenience of feeding it.

Meat: The topic of offering meat has been discussed for several years. Some believe that feeding meat will certainly encourage cannibalism. However, there are reports of breeders who feed meat frequently and also never experience abnormal cannibalism. Meat can be given as little chunks of beef or mutton (totally avoid pork), tinned canine foods or mealworms, which are a favorite for a lot of hamsters.

Milk: The basic issue with milk is that it should be given up a meal, which could easily be tipped over. Milk also curdle quickly in cozy weather condition. Because of the intrinsic issues, milk is rarely provided to hamsters, with the exception of expectant mothers, young and ill stock. Make sure to eliminate the dish as well as thoroughly clean it prior to the milk sours.

Combined Bird Seed: An additional optimal supplement is the seed cost budgerigars as well as canaries. It could either be combined with the grain or a teaspoonful can be fed as soon as a week.

Yeast: Yeast is rich in Vitamin B which acts upon the nerve system as well as is incredibly reliable in minimizing stress. (Stress is the primary cause of many hamster illness, in particular wet tail.) Feeding yeast when a week can effectively be among the greatest preventative actions for several illnesses.

Offer a pinch of dietary yeast once a week. (Nutritional yeast, discovered in natural food shops, isn’t really bitter like baker’s yeast and your hamster will certainly cherish the flavor.) As an alternative, one-half of a yeast tablet discovered in pet dog buy pet dogs and cats can be fed as soon as a week. (When feeding your hamster yeast tablets, utilize plain tablets; not those with garlic given that garlic is tough on a hamsters’ kidneys).

Healthy Diet = Healthy Hamster

2 Dwarf Hamsters Eating Although they are tamed and will certainly consume most anything put before them, hamsters are still an item of their wild cousins. Their favored lifestyle, impulses, metabolic process and dietary needs remain the same as their forefathers. Since wild hamsters are desert dwellers, their standard diet plans would certainly, in nature, contain grains located in neighboring fields, veggies readily available in the local farmer’s garden, pests and wild lawns.

Residential hamsters will certainly prosper on the exact same diet their wild equivalents forage for. An excellent well balanced daily diet including the adhering to will supply all the nutrients a healthy and balanced hamster requirements: sunflower seeds, corn, oats, barley, wheat, bunny or alfalfa pellets, feline deals with or pet dog biscuits and dried vegetables. A lot of the prepackaged hamster mixes offered at family pet stores have the basics.

Or, some feed and also grain shops currently have a customized mix readily available or will help with the formula of a well balanced mix. Blended birdseeds for budgies and also canaries are an exceptional enhancement. (Besides supplying extra protein, gnawing on the cat as well as dog biscuits aid maintain the teeth cut.) Small amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables can be given two or 3 times a week.

When all the standard nutritional needs are provided daily, a hamster will choose the grains and/or seeds needed to preserve their health. If a document is kept of what is left in the food meal on a daily basis, it will reveal that the selection of grains consumed will vary (this will certainly be specifically evident in expectant and also nursing ladies).

Hamsters enjoy an occasional details equally as high as any kind of pet; yet care needs to be exercised in selecting treats. Chose deals with that give added nourishment to their regular diet such as fresh veggies and fruits. See our Recommended Food Checklist.

Never ever feed your hamster delicious chocolate or desserts, In addition to having essentially no food worth, they can get embeded the hamster’s pouch producing substantial damages which can be challenging or difficult to treat. (Note: many business hamster treats include huge quantities of sugar).

So, Are Teddy Bear Hamsters Good Pets?

teddy bear hamster as pets


Teddy bear hamsters, a longhair sort of Syrian hamster, are tiny, charming and cuddly, giving them significant pet charm. Although a few of their characteristics make them great animals for many individuals, other facets may not be what you’re seeking. Take into consideration the needs of hamster care as well as their general habits to make a decision whether a teddy bear hamster is right for you as well as your family.

Solitary Creatures

Teddy bear hamsters are solitary animals, spending most of their time in their cage. If you want several pets in one cage, teddy bear hamsters typically aren’t for you; they should live alone. An option would be dwarf hamsters, that can reside in same-sex sets if they’ve been together from birth or very early. If you really want sociability, though, hamsters aren’t a terrific option.

Think about mice or rats, friendlier small rodents with similar life expectancies. You could hand-tame as well as take care of a teddy bear hamster, and also with time he might involve such as being handled as well as cuddled, but they never ever end up being specifically affectionate. Additionally, teddy bear hamsters spend the majority of the day resting. They don’t gear up for activity till after sundown, and also they really obtain moving in the middle of the night. This is occasionally discouraging for people seeking daytime firm, and for those conveniently troubled by the noise of an exercise wheel at 3 a.m. At dawn, teddy bear hamsters start unwinding for bedtime.

Except Kids

Are you thinking about a teddy bear hamster for a young kid? The entire sleeping-all-day thing is not usually appreciated by children. They’re likely to wake your hamster throughout the day; that would not cultivate any bonding, as well as it can result in attacks. The majority of children are sent to bed quickly after hamsters awaken, offering little opportunity for communication. Likewise, hamsters have to be taken care of delicately. They’re nervous around sudden or rough activities as well as loud noises; they could even attack.

The Humane Culture of the United States recommends not obtaining a hamster for a kid below 8, since kids normally lack the great motor skills and self-restraint needed to securely handle a teddy bear hamster. In addition, kids’s underdeveloped immune systems are a lot more prone to salmonella as well as other microorganisms as well as conditions typically carried by hamsters. These are also of concern for expectant females and also people with suppressed immune systems.


Your teddy bear hamster could remain embeded her cage by herself the majority of the moment, but she still features duties. Some of them need to be cared for day-to-day. You’ll need a hamster cage, industrial hamster food, an inverted canteen, a food meal, aspen or paper bed linens, a couple of toys, suitable items for eating, a strong workout wheel, a hamster house as well as a playpen– at the minimum.

After that there are the fundamental treatment demands: Feed your teddy bear hamster about 1 tablespoon of food as well as supply fresh water daily. Every day, adjustment soiled bedding and also get rid of droppings. Each week, alter all the bed linens and extensively clean the cage, food recipe, playthings and tunnels. Because teddy bear hamsters have longer hair than various other kinds, make sure no feces are adhered to her coat; gently remove any kind of you locate.

Enable your hamster about half an hour of out-of-cage time in a protected playpen every night. Supplement her diet regimen with a tidbit of hamster-safe fresh fruit or vegetables each day. If this sounds like an appropriate level of minimum take care of your needs and also schedule, a teddy bear hamster might be a good pet.

Other Qualities

Although teddy bear hamsters typically aren’t one of the most friendly rats, they still need some focus on a daily basis. You should handle them as well as speak with them for a minimum of a bit every evening, after your family pet wakes up and has her breakfast. When well took care of, teddy bear hamsters generally live 2.5 to 3 years. If you’re seeking a reasonably brief commitment, a teddy bear hamster may be an excellent pet.

Nevertheless, if you ‘d be getting one for a young child, take into consideration whether you want him to experience the fatality of the pet within the next 2 to 3 years. Teddy bear hamsters need considerably much less vet treatment compared to numerous kinds of family pets. Yet when they do reveal indicators of disease, they need that care quickly. They are notably at risk to catching respiratory system ailments from human beings.

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