20 Mind-Blowing Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Some people are blessed with spacious kitchens that allow them to cook comfortably while some others don’t. Cheer up! Even if your kitchen is a bit compact, you can still make it look chic and more functional through a small kitchen remodel project.

Check out these 20 mind-blowing small kitchen remodel ideas that will not only provide a better look to your kitchen but also create a more efficient space to work.

Ideas For Remodeling Your Small Kitchen

1. Modern White Small Kitchen Remodel

classic kitchen


If you are looking for a small kitchen remodel idea for your modern house, this one is for you. The all-white finish will make your kitchen look hygienic.

To avoid the clean-freak look, the green backsplash is added. The white pillar and wall add a textural element to the kitchen.

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2. Contemporary Small Kitchen with Exposed Brick Wall

small kitchen remodel


This is an ideal way to blend contemporary and rustic look. The stainless-steel kitchen appliances, along with the sleek look, provide the touch of modernity.

The exposed brick wall incorporates the rustic charm into this modern kitchen as well as making a wonderful accent wall.

3. Classic White Subway Tiles

white kitchen remodel


Install white subway tiles as the backsplash of your kitchen for the timeless charm. White subway tiles have never failed to provide a traditional look to your kitchen.

Apply gray grout to define each tile or you can go with white grout for a more flawless look.

 4. White Farmhouse Small Kitchen Remodel

small country kitchen


The crisp white makes this kitchen become more inviting. White grout fills in the gaps between the subway tiles, making it look boundless.

To add warmth to the kitchen, butcher block is installed as the countertop.

5. Try An Undermount Kitchen Sink

white kitchen remodel


White is your go-to color scheme when it comes to a kitchen with limited space. It will always make your kitchen appear to be more spacious and airier.

Try combining it with white marble countertop and this undermount sink for an upscale look.

6. Add an Extra Hidden Counter Space for Small Kitchen

pull out kitchen remodel


The biggest challenge of a small kitchen is the lack of sufficient space to work on. Try this hidden countertop, instead.

It provides extra space to work on without making the kitchen more crammed.

7. Modern Gray Small Kitchen Remodel

minimalist small kitchen


Try painting your kitchen neutral colors like gray for a minimalist look. When combining with clean-line edges cabinets and kitchen appliances, it will provide an elegant look.

You can add a few tints of yellow to make it less tedious.

8. Opt for Open Shelves

small kitchen storage


Having wall-mounted cabinets in your kitchen can be a great idea to stash kitchen utensils and condiments. Instead of cabinets, you can make some open shelves.

They are easy to make and save a lot of space.

9. Marble White Kitchen Island

Modern kitchen remodel


This kitchen has all the things you need to bring a luxurious ambiance. The white marble kitchen island is the star here. The gray veins give more patterns that make it look lavish.

Two long pendant lights hanging over the kitchen island accentuate it nicely.

10. Herringbone Style Backsplash

green kitchen remodel


If classic white subway tiles are not your thing, but you do not want to go overboard either, try laying white subway tiles in a different way like in herringbone style.

Two pendant lights with copper finish hanging over the kitchen island and the turquoise cabinets add pops of colors to the kitchen.

11. Two-Toned Small Kitchen Remodel with Shaker Cabinets

White blue kitchen


Two-toned kitchen cabinets are on trend now. This kitchen features white and navy blue shaker cabinets that denote the vintage style.

To make it look more classic, white subway tile backsplash is added. A pendant light hanging above the sink accentuates the vintage style well.

12. Add Pattern to the Floor

flooring small kitchen design


In some cases, the patterned floor can trick the eyes so the kitchen will visually double in size.

Opt for wall-to-wall horizontal patterns like this black-and-white floor to make it look more appealing and bigger.

13. Traditional Small Kitchen Remodel with Curvy Tiles

Traditional Small Kitchen Remodel with Curvy Tiles


This two-toned kitchen embodies traditional style well. Beadboard paneling can be found in the kitchen island and white cabinets.

The most conspicuous thing is the white curvy tiles that add an elegant pattern to the kitchen. Two silver pendant lights hang over the kitchen island, enhancing the traditional look.

14. Dress Up the Ceiling

Dress Up the Ceiling for Small Kitchen Remodel


Ceiling plays an important role in a space-challenged kitchen. However, it is often overlooked.

The truth is if you dress your ceiling up, it will give a big impact to your tiny kitchen as it can draw eyes upward, creating an illusion of a bigger room.

15. Apply Staggered Finish

Apply Staggered Finish for Small Kitchen Remodel


Your kitchen has to reflect your personal liking. Therefore, if you cannot make up your mind about what flooring you would like to apply, try staggered finish.

The flooring of this kitchen is the combination of wood floor and chess-like tiles. Surprisingly, they look good together.

16. Corner Bench and Hidden Storage

Corner Bench and Hidden Storage for Small Kitchen Remodel


Optimizing all the storage space is the best way to deal with limited space.

You can try installing some drawers under a corner bench so you can hide the clutter out of your sight when enjoying afternoon tea and cookies.

17. Patchwork Style Backsplash

Patchwork Style Backsplash for Small Kitchen Remodel


Why do you have to stick to a certain rule if you can do better to add a personality boost to your kitchen? Go for patchwork style for your backsplash and floor.

You will be surprised when knowing that it is not a haphazard look. It is an indescribable beauty.

18. Modern Farmhouse Small Kitchen Remodel

Modern Farmhouse Small Kitchen Remodel


A reclaimed wood board adds the touch of the rustic charm to this modern farmhouse kitchen.

A Persian rug lies on the wood floor, adding more pattern and keeping your feet warm so you can slave over a hot stove comfortably.

19. Wood Veneer Cabinets

Wood Veneer Cabinets for Small Kitchen Remodel


Refurbishing your kitchen does not have to be pricey. You can simply reface the existing cabinets for a brand-new look.

Attaching wood veneer will be your greatest bet to get new cabinets on the cheap.

20. Remove the Barrier for Small Kitchen Remodel

Remove the Barrier for Small Kitchen Remodel


Open kitchen concept is getting popular now. You can try this style by tearing down the wall separating the kitchen and dining room and replace it with a bar. By doing this, you can maintain the conversation while cooking in the kitchen.

Now you know how to make your small kitchen look splendid. When applying one of these small kitchen remodel ideas, you need to remember that it has to enhance your personality and comfort so you are welcomed to add a twist to it.

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