About Winter White Hamster: Types, Care, And Food Listing

WINTER WHITE HAMSTER ~ Also known as the Winter White Dwarf Hamster, Djungarian Hamster or the Siberian Hamster, is just one of three various types of hamster in the Phodopus category.

Wintertime Whites are native to components of northwest China, Kazakhstan as well as Mongolia. Closely connected to the Campbells Dwarf Hamster they can interbreed as well as create hybrid offspring (Not Recommended).

As with all species of hamster, they prevail as pets in Europe, Asia, and North America frequently kept as pairs or in a team in bondage. Winter season White hamsters have the distinct capability to transform the color of their hair to being totally white as winter season methods, thus their name “Winter White.”

Male winter white hamsters have a single fragrance gland situated on their bottoms, a little bit below their midline. These glands stick out, are in some cases hairless, as well as frequently look covered in an oily secretion.

Winter season Whites got their name because, in the wild, the locations where they live are covered in snow in the winter months time, therefore they transform their coat to white so as to be concealed from killers.


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Much like the Campbell’s hamster, they have the very same quantity of chromosomes, and also they expand to the very same size– roughly 2– 3 inches in length. As compared to various other hamsters, wintertime whites have a rounder oblong looking physique with hair protected feet as well as legs.

One of the very best ways to distinguish the Winter White from the Campbell’s is that winter months whites have an even more Romanesque account nose.

Wintertime Whites are much softer to the touch as well as have a smoother and also less wooly layer as compared to the Campbell’s. They come in 3 main color ranges– sapphire pearl, sapphire, and all-natural pearl.

There are other coloring’s offered, however they are more than likely crossed with Campbell’s thus making them crossbreeds. Both hamsters have dorsal red stripes; the wintertime white has even more meaning on the arcs offering a greater comparison in between shades.

In some cases you will see Winter Whites marketed as ‘mushroom,’ ‘Mandarin’ or other colors. They are not pure Winter White (these color variants originates from their Campbell genetics).

Types of Hamsters

Although the term “hamster” refers to concerning 24 types of tiny rodents, there are just about five located in the pet market. Below is a list of one of the most usual kinds found as family pets.

1. Syrian Hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus)

Syrian white Hamsters

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Syrian hamsters, additionally referred to as Goldens or Teddy Bear hamsters, are the most prominent hamsters kept as animals. They are really easy to take care of and also make terrific animals for children.

They are not social with other hamsters however, as well as ought to be maintained alone after 10 weeks of age. If caged with each other, Syrian hamsters can really deal with up until they eliminate each various other. Syrian hamsters are nocturnal, as well as are hardly ever active during the day.

Syrian hamsters been available in a variety of colors, and they are among the biggest hamsters at a size of 4″ – 7″ when complete expanded, depending upon the sex. Women could enlarge compared to the males, which reach only around 6″ long.

They have an extremely brief tail, big cheek bags, as well as tiny eyes. The typical life expectancy of a Syrian hamster is approximately 2 to 2-1/2 years, though they have actually been known to live as long as 4 years.

2. Dwarf Campbell Russian Hamsters (Phodopus campbelli)

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Dwarf Campbell Russian hamsters are much more social than Syrian hamsters, as well as they could be kept in very same sex sets or groups of their breed as long as they are presented at a young age. They typically aren’t fairly as responsive to managing as Syrians as well as could nip if they really feel worried or intimidated.

They still make great animals; they just require supervision of both youngster and also family pet during communications. Though they are nighttime, they are frequently awake for brief durations throughout the day.

Dwarf Campbell Russians are really little, getting to a maximum dimension of only 4″ as grownups. The all-natural layer color is grayish brown fur on the back with a darker strip of shade down the spine, a creamier color on the sides, as well as a white tummy.

Dwarf Campbell Russians could be discovered in a range of colors nevertheless, because of careful breeding. The average lifetime of a Dwarf Campbell Russian is about 2 years.

3. Dwarf Winter White Russian Hamsters (Phodopus sungorus)

Dwarf Winter White Russian Hamsters

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Dwarf Winter White Russian Hamsters are comparable in habits to Dwarf Campbell Russians in that they are energetic during the day and also could be kept in exact same sex pairs or groups. Nonetheless, they do not have the credibility for biting when nervous, as well as they are typically extremely sweet and also personable.

They are really little as well as quick however, so they could be a challenge for little ones to manage securely.

Dwarf Winter White Russians be available in three shades: Sapphire, Pearl, and a mix of both called Sapphire-Pearl. Pearl is a white pattern where white hairs are sprayed throughout the layer, and Sapphire is a purple-gray color. Sapphire Winter White Russians have a grey undercoat, a thick gray red stripe along their spines, as well as an ivory colored stomach.

Dwarf Winter White Russians are very small and portable, gauging only 3-1/2″ to 4″ as complete produced adults. Because they are so small, a fish tank is normally a safer housing option than a cord cage. The typical life span of a Dwarf Winter White Russian hamster is about 2 years.

Winter White Hamster Colors

  • Typical = Black and Grey with Black Eyes
  • Sapphire = Smokey blue Grey Color
  • Pearl = Mainly white coated hamster with completions of the hairs

Winter White Hamster Behavior As Well As Social Personality

winter white hamster behavior

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1. As Pets

Winter White hamsters are rather peaceful pets and can be tamed extremely conveniently making outstanding family pets. When totally tamed they enjoy to being in a human hand and be stroked carefully. They are much more timid animals compared with their carefully relevant Campbell’s hamster.

2. As Social Animals

Wintertime Whites are very social pets and do the best living together with another same-sex hamster or in little even number teams. It is pleasurable to watch their interactions as well as use a much various pet dog experience compared to the singular Syrian Hamster.

Winter Whites are capable of dealing with Hybrids, Campbell’s and Winter Whites from other litters if they are presented to each other appropriately. Lone hamsters could live healthy lives as long as you provide normal focus and also they have a nice big cage loaded with things to do.

Male Winter Whites tend to be much less vulnerable to combating and also territorial behavior than women. They can be quite loud when living together, frequently squeaking at each various other. Typically, this is just communication– developing that the boss is as well as passive, or occasionally it is just their method of stating “stop depending on me” or “I desire that item of food!”.

Winter season White hamsters are known to be “huge children.” I have actually commonly assumed one of them was being extremely murdered only to find out that a person of them has befalled with a commode roll tube.

The Best Ways to Care For Hamsters

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Hamsters can appear like a cute and cuddly alternative when you are seeking the ideal animal, however just how much do you actually find out about hamster care, as well as how should you prepare to invite a hamster into your residence?

In this guide to hamster care, we provide you the important information you have to start as a hamster proprietor!


  • Choosing a kind of hamster
  • Buying your hamster
  • Your hamster’s home
  • Feeding your hamster
  • Getting to know your hamster
  • Exercise
  • Cleaning
  • Health issue

Choosing The Right Sort of Hamster for You

The most typical type of hamster that individuals have as an animal is the Syrian hamster, which is likewise frequently referred to as the Golden hamster. This little rodent originally originates from the northern regions of Syria, and the south of Turkey.

It is thought about to be at risk as a wild types as its environment is under risk from destruction by people. There is no such risk to Syrian hamsters in bondage.

An additional prominent type of pet hamster is the dwarf hamster. There are 3 kinds of dwarf hamsters that are related, which you will normally see in family pet stores, the Roborovski, as well as the two kinds of Russian dwarf hamster, Winter White and also Campbell’s. The 4th sort of dwarf hamster is the Chinese; this is not connected to the various other types of dwarf hamster.

Much like individuals, various hamsters are suited to different scenarios as well as homes. So the very first choice you should make is what kind of hamster you want, and which is best fit to you and your circumstances.

Syrian Hamster

The very first point to keep in mind concerning Syrian hamsters is that they ought to constantly be maintained by themselves; they are really territorial as well as will certainly fight with various other hamsters

Syrian hamsters are the largest of the restricted hamster types and they are commonly the most prominent as pets. They have a lively personality and could be truly fun to see and also engage with.

If you handle them from an early age Syrian hamsters could be trained well, if you have a little persistence. They are usually slower paced than dwarf hamsters so they are easier to stay on par with, especially throughout the training procedure.

The average life expectancy for a Syrian hamster is 2 to 2.5 years, although like the majority of animals, there are some individuals who live longer compared to this.

As a grown-up the typical dimension of a Syrian hamster is 5.5 inches. Syrian hamsters are preferred with amateur hamster proprietors, as well as younger kids, as they tend to be less complicated to handle as well as tame.

Dwarf hamsters

Dwarf hamsters are, as the name suggests, smaller sized compared to Syrian hamsters. They could usually be kept in a cage with various other dwarf hamsters however you still need to look for any indications of upset or aggression, whereupon they could need to be divided.

The Roborovski dwarf hamster is the tiniest of the dwarf hamsters, and also doesn’t grow a lot more than 3 inches in size, also as a grownup. Roborovski dwarf hamsters are extremely quickly and also energetic; they have typically been understood to run regarding 100 miles per evening on their hamster wheel. These cute little animals live for approximately 3 to 3.5 years.

Russian dwarf, Winter White hamsters obtain their name from their capacity to turn white in the cold weather in their wild Russian habitat. In captivity they usually keep their dark grey colouring as a result of the presence of artificial heat as well as illumination.

In addition to dark grey you can likewise see Winter White dwarf hamsters with other colouring, such as marbled, sapphire, pearl and also sapphire pearl. These cute little rodents have a typical captive life-span of between 1.5 and 2 years.

Campbell’s dwarf hamsters are the dwarf hamsters that are frequently located in pet shops. In the wild they are discovered in China, Russia and also in various other areas of Central Asia. Their dark grey look is really similar to that of the Winter White, as well as they have a similar lifespan; balancing around 2 years.

Chinese dwarf hamsters are actually much more correctly called simply Chinese hamsters, however they are often incorrect for a dwarf hamster due to their small stature and also the dorsal red stripe that they have in common with Winter White as well as Campbell’s dwarf hamsters. They have an average life-span of 1.5 as well as 2 years.

What does Winter White Hamster Eat?

Winter White Hamster Eat

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Dwarf hamster food generally is available in the form of hamster blends however the occasional fresh food is additionally great. Nonetheless, not all fresh food could be fed to dwarf hamsters as they may be hazardous.

Various varieties of dwarf hamsters likewise have different food needs. For instance, Russian dwarf hamsters such as Winter Whites and Campbells are not able to consume numerous fresh fruit because fruit are primarily high sugar as well as these hamsters get diabetics issues easily.

Some people prefer not to feed their Russian dwarves fruit because they assume it may create diabetes. Roborovskis, on the other hand, can enjoy a seedless grape from time to time.

Some Food Is Harmful For Hamsters And Animals

And afterwards there are the foods that are poisonous or undesirable for all types of hamsters. The obvious ones are human junk food like potato chips, delicious chocolate, and candy. However there are additionally food that are seemingly harmless but are still really negative for your hamster.

For instance, Avocadoes have a material that could trigger cardiac arrest in pets when consumed in large amounts. Bitter almonds have cyanide which can be very poisonous to tiny pet dogs.

Dwarf Hamster Secure Food Listing

To help you select the ideal dwarf hamster food, below’s a list of food for dwarf hamsters that are secure. Unlike other lists on the internet, I have 1) examined that they are safe from numerous sources12 2) provided these food to my hamsters as well as could confirm that they are safe.
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1. Veggies and also Seeds

Vegetables are among the safest, healthiest treats to feed to tower over hamsters in addition to a healthy kibble formula. Just like people, several vibrant or dark-colored vegetables provide required nutrients and also vitamins. Eco-friendly leafy Romaine or other lettuces are excellent, along with spinach leaves.

Broccoli, cauliflower as well as kale are crunchy additions to his diet plan. Other examples of healthy vegetables include cucumbers, celery, red and also green peppers, bok choy as well as wonderful potatoes. Beans and vegetables are additionally an appropriate treat. Nuts as well as seeds are OK, yet feed sparingly, as they have high fat web content.

2. Proteins

While it might come as a surprise, dwarf hamsters require their protein as well as will certainly consume numerous various meat, fish and also other proteins. Vegetarian choices for protein consist of spirulina as well as seaweed, roasted soybeans, flaxseed and also tofu.

He’ll likewise take advantage of steamed poultry, tinned and drained pipes tuna, steamed hen or turkey, prepared egg whites with percentages of egg yolk and unseasoned fowl infant food. Some dairy products are OK in small amounts, such as low-fat plain yogurt and also unprocessed cheeses.

3. Grains

Whole grains are ideal as a snack and also as an enhancement to a balanced meal. Cooked pastas, whole wheat toast and also prepared whole-grain rices are optimal treats as long as they are cooled completely. Whole-grain bitter grains additionally supply a healthy and balanced treat while offering your dwarf hamster something crispy to munch on.

4. Foods to Avoid

Carrots, corn, fruit, white rice and white bread need to be avoided because of the high sugar content. Sugars, consisting of maltose, fructose or dextrose, should likewise be avoided for dwarf hamsters. Various other foods to prevent are potatoes, raisins, sprouts, garlic and also onions, due to the danger of poisoning.

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